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Vacuum Sealer, Auto Vacuum Sealer system with digital scale for Kitchen Dry Moist Food Preservation, 12pcs Sealer Bags

  • 1. Easy To Operate: With the auto vacuum sealer system and      indicator light, you just need to add food into the sealer bags and    press the button. Pinsoon vacuum sealer vacuums all air out and    automatically seal within seconds. Not only the food, you could    also vacuum seal canisters, jar lids, wine stopper by using the    hose attachment.
  • 2. Two Sealing Modes and Two Pressure Levels: The vacuum    sealer with two different sealing modes provide you best    preservation based on what kind of food you seal, Moist for wet    food and Dry for solid food. You could also choose different    pressure levels, Normal and Gentle, which could seal your food    avoiding from crushing.
  • 3. Less Money & Less Time: With our Pinsoon vacuum food   sealer, you can buy in bulk when food is on sale and then   vacuum package your food in your desired portions without   wasting food. Besides, you could double the recipe of your   favorite meals and vacuum seal the extra portions for a quick   and nutritious meal on busy day without wasting time to cook   again.
  • 4. Multi-Functions: Pinsoon vacuum sealer with the digital scale   could show you the accurate weight and help to make sensible   portions of your food, suitable for those who plan to keep fit or   on diet. (Units: g/ kg/ oz/ lb, Capacity: 2000g ± 0.1g)
  • 5.FULL STARTER KIT & WARRANTY: Apart from the vacuum    sealer, Pinsoon vacuum sealer package also includes 12 vacuum    sealer bags, 1 user manual and hose attachment. We provide    2-year warranty. If you have any problems, just contact us and    we’ll make it right.

With the innovative design, Pinsoon vacuum sealer not only extends freshness up to 5 times longer than conventional storage methods, but it also provides a scale for you to weigh your food. Keep this vacuum sealer on your countertop, you will soon discover its convenience and versatility. It will be your best kitchen assistant.

Why vacuum package?

With the conventional storage methods, exposure to air can cause food to lose flavor and nutrition. Food may spoil because of bacteria, mould and yeast. Pinsoon vacuum sealer removes air and seals in flavor and quality. With this amazing product and its accessories, you can keep your food fresh for up to 5 times longer.


Vacuum Sealer

Rated voltage: 100~120VAC 50Hz / 12VDC

Rated power: 120W

Vacuum level: >-60kPa

Dimension: 380mm*150mm*88mm

N.W.: 1.75KG

G.W.: 2.35KG

Kitchen Scale

Power supply: 100-120V / 12V

Capacity: 2000g ±0.1g


Units: g/ kg/ oz/ lb

Operating environment: 0~40℃


Storage environment: -20~60℃

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